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Velvet Cactus Collection

Artwork by Krista Fuentes

Bexwood KF Glitter.JPG
crystal kf med.JPG
About the Artist

 The artist has always had a love for art, nature, and all things sparkly. In her 20's, she decided to combine all of those things into one. She now has an ever-growing collection of original crystal rock artwork. Krista Fuentes is a self-taught mixed media resin artist from Houston, TX.

Each piece of artwork is on custom cut birchwood panels in order to hold the layers of crystals and resin used to create depth. There have been countless hours that have gone into every piece from start to finish. The artwork is poured in pigmented liquid layers of the highest quality 2 part epoxy to achieve the desired look. We are currently not selling prints; all artwork is 100% original.

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