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  • Do you make custom pieces?
    Yes, I do make custom artwork in the shape, size & colors requested. However, a 50% deposit is required before starting. In addition, I will give you a professional shipping quote so you are aware of the total cost due upon completion.
  • What materials do you work with?
    I do all artwork on wood panels. I like the durablity provided to support the weight of the resin and crystals used on each piece. I use Art Resin which is specially formulated for art. It is non-toxic and does not yellow after time and sun exposure like other resins. With that being said it is a more expensive resin. I use a combination of genuine semi prcious gemstones, crushed glass, fireglass & floral fillers to achieve my stone slice effects. Various glitters, pigments, inks & gold/silver/rose leaf is also incorportated.
  • How do you price each piece?
    I price each piece by size, materials used, & man hours taken to complete. Each piece I currently sell is an original making them more valuable as a one-of-a-kind. I take all above factors into mind when pricing to make my artwork as fair and affordable as possible. It is my goal to have my artwork hanging in fellow art lovers homes, place of business, or wherever they would enjoy it as much as I do.
  • Why do you ask to contact you prior to purchasing large artwork?
    I encourage potential customers to contact me prior to purchasing large artwork so a shipping cost can be determined first. The shipping cost depends on several factors; professional packaging, size, weight & most importantly destination. I can get you the cost on this once I know where the piece is going. I choose to do professional packing to ensure the piece of original artwork arrives safely.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Yes, I do ship to any destionation. Please contact me prior to purchasing item so seperate shipping invoice can be given once cost is factored by shipping provider. Once that invoice is paid, purchase item next, then shipping number will be sent for tracking purposes.
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