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Artsy, It's a Way of Life

Welcome to my first ever website & blog post on art, I sure am glad to have you here. I have always had a passion for all things art. I started off in grade school making collages on all my binders & pencil cases. Took every art class possible in middle school, high school, & college from stained glass, ceramics (1& 2), to metal art. The only art teacher that seemed to see potential in me was my metal art college professor. It must of been the flame bookmark I made out of copper?! (Note to self: flames make bad bookmarks & better Chinese stars for weapons.)

The fun thing about art is that you don't do it for others approval, you do it for self satisfaction. It is always a plus when other people enjoy your creations, of course. As you may be able to tell by now, it took me a while to find my niche in the art world. I dreamed and pondered, and dreamed and pondered some more about the day it would "hit". I always knew I was creative and would be good at something that had to do with art. That was when I stopped following all the cute fashion Instagram pages that made me want to buy $1000+ purses, and started following art pages full of color, imagination, and wonder.

It was then that my creative juices were rekindled in this crazy world we call "adulthood". I started researching acrylic pours know as "Dirty Pour" art & started creating. Fun stuff, but I craved more complex techniques. I then stumbled upon "Resin Art" and did my research. First thoughts were "wow this stuff is expensive" & "that looks sticky and messy". Well, you never know if its for you if you do not give it a try right? I dove right in, purchased the materials, and gave it my all. Thank goodness its clear because my kitchen floor may have inherited a spot or two (don't tell my husband).

I started with embedding objects into small resin paintings, then went to faux floral arrangements, and have now graduated to large resin geode rock inspired paintings. I have always loved all things rocks and gemstones, so finally I felt like I found my niche. It is an art form I don't think you ever "master" because the sky is the limit in new techniques that are possible to incorporate. That is the beauty of mixed media resin art. You look in the unobvious places for objects to create the texture you are envisioning & start experimenting.

My advice to all you creatives without a clue is to try, try, & try again. Try new things, try old things, try the uncomfortable things. Without trying you will never learn and grow into the flower you wish you were. In addition to trying new things, research is key. Research and follow the people you wish to be like, YouTube the techniques you wish to create, and read the books on how to promote your artwork to advance to your optimal level of success.

Here I am, a somewhat amateur, giving advice but you can't say I didn't try to help. I am 100% self-taught in the mixed media resin world so these are all things I have learned along the way! Subscribe to my page to get first grabs on my original artwork & to be notified when a new art blog is posted. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed. KF

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