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Never Stop Creating

Like any master of their skill, comes the hours of practice and research that got them where they are today. Nobody tried something for the first time and was great at it. With practice comes trial and error. Do not get upset when your vision for your creation does not come to life the first time, second time, or even third attempted time. Embrace the creative process of learning. Sometimes it is as simple as trying a new product. Introducing a new surface. Or simply changing the attitude behind the effort.

I have always used creating art as my form of mediation and medicating. Like most people, life is not always easy and smooth sailing. Instead of going to the doctor to medicate my situational depression, I choose happiness as a mindset and art therapy as my medication. Nothing gives me the same excitement as a new creation. I dig my hands, mind, body, and soul into every piece I make. Does that mean everyone feels the same excitement as I do about my creations? Absolutely not. I am pretty good at reading peoples body language and I get a kick out of the people that skim by my work with their nose in the air thinking its crap. Why you ask?! Because I am wise enough to know not everyone is into the same things. What speaks to people's souls are different and that is just fine to me! I do not create to get everyone's approval. I create for self satisfaction of doing something I love.

I am currently working on becoming a master at my craft of mixed media resin art. I want to become a full time artist that sells out painting in minutes of posting. This is both a goal and a dream of mine. I share it with you today for an accountability factor. You can not just want and dream something and expect it to happen. You have to work for it and hold yourself accountable.

2018 has been a turning point in making that dream a reality. I have participated in my first art show. Entered my first art competition, and made the semi finals. Applied for a magazine feature, and was asked for an interview for Inspirational Stories feature. And currently waiting to hear back from an international art publication to let me know if my submission was accepted for print! How did I accomplish all this in less than

one year?! I put myself out there and tried. The worst that could of happened was "Thank you for your submission, we do not think you are ready yet". Keyword YET.

All of those accomplishments are stepping stones to achieving my goal of full time somewhat famous artist. I feel like a winner already so I am going to fake it until I make it and enjoy every second of it because I choose happiness. I hope this radiates to some of you hopefuls out there. No matter what it is you do, and what you are trying to achieve, it starts with positive effort and belief in yourself.

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