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Photos by Bex Wood Photography

I would love to introduce to you the FANTASTIC Brand & Commercial Photographer Rebecca Haack of Bex Wood Photography from Houston TX. We collaborated back in January 2020 (the good ole days) on a small business branding photoshoot. I had always wanted professional pictures with my artwork and she was looking to build her portfolio so of course I volunteered. The amazing pictures on my "About the Artist" page of the website are part of the "OMG I can't believe that's me, Rebecca is incredible" collection. (I can be a little extra when naming things, sorry)

Photographing resin is far from easy. The mirror-like glare causes a distorted look and color and it is almost impossible to avoid. Rebecca managed to make both my artwork and myself pop off the photograph with vivid colors and crisp angles. I fell in love with so many amazing shots she managed to get around my studio. My home walls serve as a temporary art gallery in between shows throughout the year. I cannot complain getting to spend the extra time with my pieces before they are off to their new forever home.

I will update this post with more of my top pics and possibly the whole slideshow before edits so check back!! They are all soooo good!!!

To contact Bex Wood Photography go to online or Bex Wood Photography on FB to book your own session, I HIGHLY recommend her services!!!

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