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I'm Back!! Backstory on all the Feels

I created this blog portion of my website to talk to you all about what is going on or has happened along the way in my art journey. I have always been an artist, but starting about 3 years ago I claimed it as my title. When making the leap from trying Etsy as a seller to moving to a more motivating and inspiring path of making my own website I was also pregnant with my now 1.5 year old wild thang No. 2.

Needless to say I have just started getting back on the focus train of making art an everyday thing. That doesn't mean I create everyday, it means I put some sort of effort into me and my passion behind the pieces. In the past month or so I have changed every aspect of my website from the text font, to the background pictures, to taking all new product photos so they match, and then listing some daily. Super proud of how it is coming along and all the new traffic it has been getting! I feel a sale coming on any second now.... is it you? lol

Fun fact I have never sold an item through my website! Many in person, pop-up shows, or Instagram transactions but never on my 2 year old website. To be honest with you it has barely had any artwork posted on it until recently because A) I was and have been mentally tired and B) how the heck are you suppose to calculate shipping if you don't know where its going. The struggle of overthinking is so real ya'll. I have been working on getting organized and focused because my work is something special and I got this!! (Self love and pep talks are a must, be your biggest fan).

I hope all of you good vibe art fans are doing well and staying happy and healthy!! I love you all!! Don't forget to do what makes you happy and to focus on the good in life. If something isn't working, change it. And repeat if needed.

Now stay tuned for the exciting past events I want to share with you all. Features, art shows, collabs & more to come.


Krista Kay of Velvet Cactus Collection

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